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With Google News SEO, you can drive ton of traffic in no matter of time. Here you can see how we got 1000 visitors to  324k daily traffic in 4 months, that is more than few millions users per month. 

We know there are many publisher is seeking to get subject matter expert on Google News SEO , who have real expertise in driving traffic to the next level. 

With our great experience, we are able to drive faster result and  traffic on News SEO. This is very different compare to general SEO that applied on normal website. In news seo google have special guidelines and there are too many other types of traffic  sources that mostly rare experts know.  

Why Organic Seo Is Not Work For News Seo? 

Google have different guidelines for different  type of business, most people never know these things. 

  1. For appearing in google news you need to get approval from Google News Publisher Center!
  2. You have to specific google news publisher guidelines.
  3. There are many other google news aggregator that can also drive a  ton of traffic for your website. 

Here are some general guidelines which might help your website/ Blog post getting into google news.

The type of content

The content which you might be putting on your website or blog posts must adhere to being timely and relevant and of a perceivable interest to the viewers of google news. Some of the content not satisfying this criterion includes advertisements of job postings, weather forecasts and those contents which only show information.

How original and readable is your content!

Whatever content your website has, have to be creative and well written, articulative by yourself. However, if your content is mixed with information from other online sources then your website might not remain for a long time or might be taken down from google news. Besides that, you must also make sure that the content you put is free of any intrusive advertisements, videos, etc.

Trustability and how expertise is the content

The type of content which your website/blog post includes must state an articulated and clear opinion on the field which it is based on. It should also be showing some points of trustability like: phone number, physical address, etc.

Google news inclusion is easier if these guidelines are met.

Some points you need to consider when listing on google news.

Method of Submission to google news:

If you want to submit your website or blog post to google news, You can do this by submitting the URL of your website/blog post to fetch as google or you can add an updated sitemap to your google account.

You also need to be registered with the google search console for both these processes. If the website you have is newly created then you need to verify yourself as the owner of your website by google search console.

After you have completed the above process, you need to click on ‘submit a sitemap’. If you already have a website that is not a new one then you will still be able to add newly created web pages for google so that it can index and rank those accordingly. Now you need to follow the same process as you got a new website which is you need to verify that you are the owner of your website and its URL to google and request Google to re-crawl it.

Adhering to google news requirements:

You should be aware that Google is very strict when it comes to the required guidelines for its news feeds. It depends upon the factors like

How fresh is the content on your website/blog (scaling 24 hours)?

How diverse is the content on your website/blog?

The content on your website/blog must have to be textual as well as rich.

Preferences of the users for topics and their publishers.

Additionally, there are also some of the other factors which are crucial for ranking inside google news which include:

The website must be fast loading and should be usable by mobile devices.

The URL of your website should need to be permanent and unique, which is not republished or recycled on a later date.

The contents should be of satisfactory quality and long enough to be included in google.

The sitemap of your website/blog should not be above 1000 URLs

Only those URLs should be included in your website in which the published articles are not much older than the last two days.

Your website/blog needs to be updated with fresh content whenever it is published.

How to maximize the chances of your website/blog to be included in google news?

Here are some points for your relevance;

Try to use ‘contact page’ and ‘about us’ on your website/blog.

Your website/blog must be updated with good quality and fresh content.

Try hiring more authors for your blog/website as it will help your website/blog to get approved faster.

You must mention sections and categories for every content you write for your blog/website.

Try to make your website/blog more mobile-friendly as it will help you to get more online traffic in your website/blog.

You should also use proper keywords and often titles related to the content of your website.

The content of your website must be as original as possible.

Some tips to increase online traffic in your website/blog

These following suggestions you should remember:

Advertising your website might be a good way of attracting more online traffic on it. 

You need to promote the content you create on various social media sources for your website/blog.

The topic or headline for your content should be catchy or attractive.

Choose long and popular keywords for the topic you want to write.

Try promoting your website/blog through various marketing sources like email, social media, by creating video channels about your website.

Make sure that the loading time of your website/blog is fast enough through optimizing the structure of your webpages and increasing the third party plugin functions.

You should also check the comment sections of various relevant online forums and try promoting your website/blog.

You should also participate in various webinars for your website/blog promotion.

Attend various events and conferences where you might get the chance to promote your website.

Try making your website/blog active by adding a community section to it.

Things that might get your website/blog excluded from google news

If your published website/blog doesn’t meet the required quality or the necessary guidelines as stated by Google then there’s a high chance that it might get excluded from google news. That is the reason you always seek service from experts. The factors which might get your website/blog excluded from google are as follows:

The website/blog contains faceted navigation and session identifiers.

 You might have content that is duplicate on your website.

Your website might be full of soft page errors.

Your website/blog contains proxies and infinite spaces.

The content of your website is of low quality or it might be spam.

You need to be very careful and also ne-ed to keep in mind of the above factors before publishing in google news.

Here are some frequently answered questions (FAQ) for your relevance-

How to submit a website for inclusion in google news?

First, you need to open the google news publisher center then you need to verify that you are the owner of your website by using google search console. Then you need to go to the news index and select request inclusion. Then you need to enter each and every detail of your websites like news and URLs and then click submit.

How long does google inclusion take?

When you submit a request for inclusion, a message saying ‘inclusion request submitted’ gets displayed. Then it takes about one to three weeks for the team from google news to review your website. Updates regarding the inclusion request can be checked by the owners of their respective websites in the publisher center. You will get to see ‘included’ message if your site has been accepted.

How to get on google news?

To get on google news, you have to be the owner of a news website. Contents of that website have to be unique and genuine. Then you can apply for google news and wait for their approval.

How to apply for google news inclusion?

You need to visit the google news publisher center and verify your website ownership using the search console. Then request for inclusion in the news index. After that enter your website details and submit a request.

How long it will take to submit a google news inclusion request?

The whole process will take 10-15mins to complete. Submitting a request is quick and easy but getting approval can take upto 2-3 weeks.

How to request inclusion google news?

Go to the google news publisher center

Verify the ownership using search console

Submit a request by clicking Request inclusion in news index.

Fill your website details and wait for verification.


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