Best SEO Tips for BigCommerce

advertising alphabet business communication 270637 scaled
advertising alphabet business communication 270637 scaled

BigCommerce is one of the most famous and widely used ecommerce development platform used by millions of online stores around the world. BigCommerce ecommerce software development platform is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service), which give users various advantage when it comes to SEO requirements for their online stores.

One of the reasons why millions of online stores prefer BigCommerce as their ecommerce development platform is because it’s a one-stop solution for ecommerce stores. The platform offers all tools from design to development and from marketing (SEO) to performance analysis for online stores, without any need for a third-party integration needs. All of the features offered by BigCommerce are packaged in a monthly bundle, which makes it even more convenient for business owners to choose their required package for an ecommerce store.

Now, one of the features that are especially appreciated and lauded by ecommerce store owners is the SEO optimization tools offered by the platform. BigCommerce comes with all the right SEO tools built-in the system, to enable store owners to easily optimize their stores for more visibility, more traffic, and higher revenue.

Below in this blog, we have come up with some of the BigCommerce SEO tips that will help online store owners to get more productivity out of their online stores and increase their revenue stream.

BigCommerce SEO Tips You Need to Know!

Below are some of the best BigCommerce SEO tips that will lead your ecommerce store to success.

  1. SSL Certificate:

Secure Socket Layer or more widely known as SSL has become integral for all online stores looking to gain higher rankings in the search engines. Google – the search engine giant highly prefers websites with SSL certificates, thereby increasing their chances of getting higher rankings. The SSL certification is basically a securer version of the website, which reassures the users of the safety during their browsing over the website.

BigCommerce comes with a built-in SSL feature, which makes it easier for the store owners to integrate the certification on the ecommerce stores and kick start their SEO optimization campaign.

XML sitemap generation and submission

XML sitemap is an important element for search engines to understand the structure of the ecommerce store and crawl the pages. BigCommerce offers great tools to develop a well-structured XML sitemap, which then can be submitted to search engine consoles (Google, Bing, etc.) for crawling. Again, BigCommerce users have the advantage over here as the platform is able to automatically develop the XML site, making it hassle-free for store owners to perform this important SEO optimization step.

  1. Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Ecommerce Store

If you aren’t already informed, the world has moved on to mobile devices. From smartphones to tablets and other mobile devices, more users are searching through mobile devices than desktop devices. And in line with the preference of users, search engines also prefer mobile-friendly and responsive ecommerce stores. Again, BigCommerce comes to the rescue with the right tools and features to help you develop a highly enchanting and exquisite online store that’s responsive to all different screen types. This not only helps you to gain a higher ranking in search engines but also maintains an interactive UI/UX for mobile customers to increase customers’ loyalty and retention.

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